When Should Homeowners Call a Realtor?

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Today we would like to address a common concern that we hear quite often in our community from homeowners who are contemplating selling their home. Let’s say you are interested in selling your house this spring, but your home isn’t “market ready” today. At what point should you schedule a time to meet with your Realtor?

There is a common misconception that when a Realtor first comes out to meet with you at your house, they will be bringing their camera and will be taking photos to go on the market that very same day. While that may be true in certain cases with some real estate agents, that is not typically how our Realtors work here at The Joey Crews Team. We believe that our duties to our sellers at a listing consultation are so much more than filling out paperwork and quickly snapping photos.

On top of assisting our sellers with both a customized pricing plan and a carefully curated marketing strategy, a large portion of what we do involves consulting with homeowners to help them get their home ready to sell! This includes coaching on essential tasks such as decluttering, staging, and other various condition elements of your home such as neutralizing bold paint colors, pressure washing, or making pre-market repairs that would be flagged on an appraisal. We spend time helping sellers go through this pre-market “to do list” in order to help make them the most money possible in the shortest amount of time, because at the end of the day, when a homeowner puts their house on the market, it’s as though they are competing in both a pricing war and a beauty pageant.

So, don’t leave selling your home up to chance! Hire a qualified agent who will handle the marketing and sale of your home with great care. 

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