PRO TIP: Please do not date your home!

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PRO TIP:  Please do NOT date your house at this time of year with holiday décor!

We’re here to let you know how an abundance of holiday décor can negatively affect the marketing of your home when you are actively listed on the market and trying to sell your home this holiday season. Think about all of the holidays that are celebrated during the fall and winter months. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more.

The fall and winter seasons are also the slower, non-peak selling seasons for real estate sales. So, if you list your home during Halloween, and your home is decorated generously, shall we say, for that holiday when our photographer comes out, then those decorations will be visible in your marketing photos. Let’s then think about what happens if your home remains on the market into say, Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Potential buyers scrolling on their phones, browsing Zillow or, will see your Halloween décor on Thanksgiving week and immediately be distracted by your dated holiday décor, rather than focusing on all of the amazing, beautiful features of your home.

So, our official recommendation as experienced real estate professionals is to just tone down the holiday decorations while you are on the market. We must remember that our primary focus now is to showcase your home to sell it to someone new, and we want them to be able to focus on the floors, walls, and ceilings of your home, which is what they are really buying, and not be overly distracted by extravagant holiday décor.

We realize that life doesn’t stand still and you are still living in the home, so we expect that you will still celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. While these seasons and celebrations remain important to homeowners, we simply recommend that you keep that seasonal décor to a minimum.

For more tips on how to stage your home to sell in any season of the year, and to find out what your home is worth in today’s market, please give us a call at 256-310-2294!

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