One Reason Why Your Home May Not Be Selling

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You may have your house priced perfectly. The condition is great, but it's still not selling. And, there could be one reason why it's not.

I'm gonna take you back to high school or even college. Maybe you were a good student, maybe you weren't. You may recall that one teacher who would be walking around during testing, and maybe she hovered over your shoulder just a little bit. And when she did that, you couldn't focus on that test anymore, because then you were concerned about what she was thinking.

Now, the exact same thing that happens when you are selling a home and as homeowner you are present during showings. Buyers can't focus on how their life would be in the home. They don’t feel free to talk with loved ones or whoever may be with them about the pros and cons of that house, therefore they can't feel comfortable. So, if you're looking to sell your home, you or your tenant - or even pets - do not need to be in the house. This is a major factor in why buyers choose or choose not to purchase that home.

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