Do You Really Need a Buyer's Agent?

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Our team met with a buyer client recently to discuss their home search, and one of the things we discussed is WHY home buyers actually need a “buyer’s agent.” The answer may surprise you.

The need for a buyer’s agent is not just for the actual home search, and let’s be honest - the average home buyer today knows just as much as we do about what homes are available on the market. We are checking the MLS daily for new listings and price changes - often checking twice a day - and most home buyers are on their favorite home search app a lot! They’re scrolling their phones constantly, looking at homes while laying in bed at night.

So, buyers today know what’s available on the market. What a buyer’s agent brings to the table goes beyond finding and showing homes that are available on the market. We may know of an obtainable property that is not on the market, or we may know of a property that is about to come on the market. This can give home buyers a great advantage.

A buyer’s agent’s job goes well beyond home showings. An agent’s expertise in market trends and a general knowledge of the market can help save you money by helping you know how much to offer. Is a home priced competitively, or is it priced a bit high? Should you make an aggressive offer now, or should you wait it out and try to get a better deal? A great buyer’s agent will help you determine the best offer strategy and can even help you save money on the purchase.

Once a contract is secured with an acceptable offer, there are many moving parts involved from the day of finalizing the sales contract up until reaching the day that you sign papers at the closing table. A buyer’s agent helps you navigate the home inspection, the appraisal process, the survey, the termite inspection, the final walk through – you name it!

Here at The Joey Crews Team, we plan to stick with you every step of the way, offering guidance all the way from contract to close. Is that the type of service you would appreciate? If so, we would love to help! We have a team of professionals who are waiting to help you out. Place your real estate needs in “Crews Control” – call today! 256-310-2294

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